about Us

Farm Strip Flying was set up in 2019 as an alternative to the big flying schools. We offer affordable training solutions with a personal touch. Find out more below​
Our planes

The Piper J3 ‘Cub’​

We believe that the Piper Cub is the perfect machine for tailwheel instruction. Used by several countries in various wartime efforts, they are the iconic vintage taildragger!​

With docile handling characteristics and great short field performance, they have all of the charm of a vintage warbird combined with some modern day luxuries. You really are flying a piece of wartime aviation history!​
Where we are

Our Location

Based in central Worcestershire, we're able to offer unrivaled accessibility to uncontrolled airspace & multiple airstrips within a short flight time. From the busiest GA controlled airfields to remote grass runways, all whilst flying over some of the most picturesque scenery in the country.
The instructors


Matt was introduced to flying at a young age. He started gliding with the Air Cadets whilst at school, moving on to complete his ATPL's. He has flown many different GA types and has operated the Boeing 737, 747, 777 & Airbus A320 commercially. Matt has experience as a CRM & Type Rating Instructor.​

He is passionate about developing manual handling 'Stick and Rudder' skills.​
The instructors


Born with a love for Aviation, Arthur Williams joined the Royal Marines after school. Leaving in 2009 he completed a PPL and has since added Instrument, Night and Instructor ratings to his licence.​
Arthur is best known for his work as a broadcaster, having presented programmes including ‘The plane that saved Britain’ and ‘Flying to the ends of the earth’.​

Proud owner ‘EY, Arthur joined Farm Strip Flying in 2022 and is passionate about instructing in the Piper Cub.​